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This website is no longer maintained.
However, I'm currently working on an update to keep this website accessible.

I apologize for any inconveniences caused.

ret. Commodore Wedge's wingman
Webmaster of nrnr.DE



my name is Wedges wingman and I'm the webmaster of this site.
In case you have never heard of me, let me tell you something about me and the NRN before I explain the purpose of this website.

The New Republic Navy (NRN) is an international multi-gaming club which is more like a family than a club which uses military ranks. Currently I'm a Commodore in the "fleet" and I'm in charge of the SWBF division, the DIA and the Archives Department.
One duty of the Archives Department is to organize events within the individual game divisions. Until now we have depended on other websites like BSC or ESL.
After talks with the other Admiralty members I was given permission to restructure "my" website ( into a "competition website" with the goal to use it for internal competitions and events.
At the moment the first step in this direction has been taken:
I'm more than proud to present you the new design of my...or better: our website. The website is still in development and currently only has some static pages. The registration and the login are working. I code this website in my spare time so do not expect me to finish the complete website within a week.
I will try to update this site on a regular basis; with some hotfixes in between if any security issues are discovered.
If you find any "bugs" in this website, feel free to visit the Archives Comlink and report this bug.

That's all from me for now.

Wedges wingman
ret. Commodore Wedges wingman