Global Message

This website is no longer maintained.
However, I'm currently working on an update to keep this website accessible.

I apologize for any inconveniences caused.

ret. Commodore Wedge's wingman
Webmaster of nrnr.DE


1. Where do I find my NRNR.ORG User ID?
To be able to register with this website you need to know your NRNR.ORG User ID.
If you don't know where you can find this follow the next few steps:
1. go to and login.
2. Have a look at the "Whos Online" info at the top of the website.
3. Click on your name.
4. Now you see your profile. Have a look at the address bar of your browser.
   You should see an url like this one:
   The number at the end (####) is your User ID.
2. Why should I register here?
As you know the official NRN website can be found at The official website is used for all club related topics like promotions, organization, nattering and all other things/matters.
This website ( is the official home of the Archives Department. As the work on this website progresses it will turn into the official NRN Tournament and Competition website which follows the original idea of the Archives Department.
3. Why do you have Google Advertisements on your site?
I have GoogleAds on this website to pay for the webspace. If it turns out that I earn more money than needed I will either donate it to the NRN or I will use the money to expand the webspace thus offering more services.
4. Why do you have a PayPal-Button on your site?
The PayPal-Button has been added to give you the opportunity to donate to the New Republic Navy. The Account was created by Fleet Admiral Das and no bank account is connected with it.
Any money donated will be used to pay for the servers of the NRN, neither Das nor I will get money from it.
5. Featuring? What does that mean?
The NRN has members of different countries and origins. Some of the members are in a music band or have other interesting hobbies.
The "Featuring" section has been added to advertise those members and help spread the word that the NRN is more than just another gaming club.
If you are interested in getting added, send an application to including a link to your website and some additional information.
In return I would like to see a link to either or to this website on your homepage. (A link isn't required but is much appreciated)
Known Issues
6. I did not receive the activation email!
There are three possible reasons why you may not have received the activation email:

1. The spam filter of your email account believes the activation mail is spam. Please have a look at the spam folder of your mail account.

2. You made a mistake when typing your email. Please see point 3 for further instructions

3. The email provider you are using blocks the mail server this site.
Please wait 7 days and then register again, using an alternate email provider.
Or you can contact the webmaster who may forward the activation email to your alternate account.
7. List of email providers blocking this website's mail server.
The following email providers block any mails send by the mail server:

- Comcast
8. I encountered a bug not mentioned here. What can I do?
Although the webmaster tries to find all bugs before releasing the next version there may some bugs he did not find.
So, please contact the webmaster via eMail and provide the following information:
- Where did the bug occur? A direct link is recommended.
- What did you do when the bug occured?
- When did the bug occur? Time in GMT if possible, if not, please state your timezone.

These information will help fixing the bug as soon as possible.
Once a bug is fixed, the person who pointed said bug out will get credit in the update/release notes.
Search Engine
9. Wow, that's a cool feature! How does it work?
The New Republic Navy Search Engine uses the Google Search API.
For more details I recommend you visit the homepage of this API.
10. List of websites the NRN Search Engine searches
NOTE: If you are in charge of a NRN website not mentioned here, contact the webmaster and ask him to add the website.

11. I tried to download a file but moved on to another website!
Due to the limited amount of space I'm not able to host all files.
That's why the majority of the files are located on other websites. Please read the file info for details about where you will be downloading the file from.

At this point I have to add:
When the link was added to the website I checked the target website for breaches of any laws. If the link was added, everything is fine. However, I'm not the owner of the target websites and I have no control on their content.
If the target website does break any laws, I ask you to inform me so I can remove the link as I am unable to check all links on a regular basis.
12. I tried to download a file, but I receive an Error 404. Where is the file?
If you are not able to download a file, it may have been removed but the link stayed up. Please contact the webmaster and inform him about this issue.